The 19th POSTECH-KAIST Science War

Past 2022-09-22 ~ 2022-09-24 19:00 156

The 19th POSTECH & KAIST Science War which began 2002, will be held again as an in-person event in 3 years.

Many students, including POKA War Preparation Committee, the sports teams, and the cheering squad, have eagerly prepared this event, even sacrificing their summer vacation to prepare for the 19th POKA War. Therefore, we ask all POSTECH members for your interest and support.

1. Title: The 19th KAIST & POSTECH Science War
※ Upon agreement, the hosting institution’s name follows the other.
2. Period: 2022. 9. 23(Fri.) ~ 9. 24(Sat)
※ POKA War Eve Festival: 2022. 9. 22(Thur.) 19:00~23:00 / Gymnasium
※ No Classes will be held for undergaduates on September 23.
3. Location: POSTECH
4. List of Events
– Science & Technology: Hacking Competition, AI (Artificial Intelligence Programming), and Science Quiz
– Sports: Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball
– e-Sports: League of Legends Tournament
– Other Events: Opening and closing ceremonies, Videos from each university’s Broadcasting Station, Club and Themed booths, Club performances, and a performance from the invited singer
5. Homepage: https://sciencefestival.postech.ac.kr/
6. Please refer to the attached event schedule for more details
7. Others
– Only POSTECH community members can participate in the indoor events (at Gymnasium) due to Covid-19 situation(Families and visitors are not allowed to participate.)
-The campus will be filled with cheers and excitements during this period. We ask for your generous understanding for the noise from the event.