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Name Name
Intelligent Media Lab (Computer Science & Engineering)
Intelligent Multimedia Commucations Lab (Electrical Engineering)
Intelligent Process Systems Engineering Lab (Chemical Engineering)
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (Electrical Engineering)
Intelligent Software Lab (Computer Science & Engineering)
Intercellular Cell Network Lab (Life Science)
Interdisciplinary Gaseous Electronics Lab (Electrical Engineering)
Interdisciplinary Gaseous Electronics Lab (Physics)
Knowledge and Language Engineering Lab (Computer Science & Engineering)
Laboratory for advanced Materials Processing MaGIC (Molecular and applied Genetic technology In Chemical engineering) Lab (Chemical Engineering)
Laser Processing & Microscale Heat transfer Lab (Mechanical Engineering)
Laser Science Lab (Physics)
Logistics Lab (Industrial and Management Engineering)
Machine Learning Lab (Computer Science & Engineering)
Department : Research Planning
Last Modified : 2016-07-25