Professor Young-Tae Chang Appointed as Advisory Member of Angewandte Chemie

2021-08-24 394

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Professor Young-Tae Chang of POSTECH’s Department of Chemistry was selected as an International Advisory Board (IAB) member of Angewandte Chemie, the most authoritative journal in the field of chemistry.

The Angewandte Chemie Council and the Executive Committee of the journal appointed 37 IAB members to best balance its board membership to ensure that the new IAB reflects the chemistry community, taking geography, gender, and career stage as well as groups that are currently underrepresented among the journal’s authors and reviewers and in chemistry. The IAB members will provide editorial review and advice for the journal.

Professor Chang has garnered great attention from the global academic circles for organizing the identification of target proteins in cells, which has been a great challenge in chemical biology. He is known as the ‘florescent alchemist’ for putting together a ‘fluorescent library’ of ten-thousand fluorescent materials. Professor Chang his bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees at POSTECH and was invited to teach at New York University and National University of Singapore under exceptional conditions. He is currently a member of faculty at POSTECH’s Department of Chemistry and the Associate Director of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS).

“We are excited to have Professor Chang newly elected as an IAB member. He will be an important asset to Angewandte Chemi to expand its range of fields including chemical biology,” stated Angewandte Chemie.