Professor Chulhong Kim’s Team Wins the 2020 Outstanding Paper Award

2021-08-03 307

210113_영문 뷰페이지
A POSTECH research team led by Professor Chulhong Kim (belonging to three departments of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and Convergence IT Engineering) was awarded the 2020 Outstanding Paper Award from Light: Science and Applications, an authoritative journal on optics published by Springer Nature.

The 2020 Outstanding Paper Award is presented to an exceptional paper among all papers published in Light: Science and Applications in 2020 by evaluating their citation index and influence.

The paper selected for the award is titled, “Super-resolution localization photoacoustic microscopy using intrinsic red blood cells as contrast absorbers,” published at the end of 2019 by Professor’s Kim’s research team. The team had developed a super-resolution localization photoacoustic microscopy that is 500 times faster than the conventional photoacoustic microscopies.

The microscopy developed by the research team not only enables the use of existing photoacoustic microscopy using a galvanometer scanner, but it can also detect clogged or ruptured blood vessels by the flow of red blood cells in the body without using a contrast agent and has been recognized by academic circles and the medical community.