POSTECH’s GIFT Course Popular on Coursera

2020-10-07 286

201007_영문 기사내부

The course offered by the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology at POSTECH on Coursera have become popular as more than 10,000 students have enrolled in the course.

Created by professors Youn-Bae Kang, Nack Joon Kim, Sung-Joon Kim, and Dong-Woo Suh of GIFT, ‘Ferrous Technology I ‧ II’ has been steadily gaining popularity. The course provides a comprehensive overview of basic research on steel such as steelmaking, microstructure and phase transformation, and their applications.

33% of the students around the world who enrolled in the course have stated that it was helpful for their professional growth. 50% of them have received higher salary or promotion after taking the course.

“The course was very interesting and useful,” commented Riya, one of the students enrolled in the course. She remarked that all topics discussed were clear, simple, yet detailed. She added, “I would like to thank Coursera and POSTECH for making this free course available during the pandemic.”

Another student named Tharun also expressed his gratitude, noting, “There are few online courses on this subject.” He added “This course is very useful for those who are interested in the steelmaking process and particularly for those who are in the steel industry.”

Meanwhile, the professors who created the course made headlines for donating all their compensation to the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library Remodeling Fund.