POSTECH Students Win Multiple Awards at IMID 2022

2022-09-16 105

[POSTECH students Joohoon Kim, Gyeongtae Kim, Byoungsu Ko, and Junhwa Seong of the Department of Mechanical Engineering receive 4 awards at IMID 2022 including the KIDS Award (Gold prize).]

POSTECH students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering recently won four awards, including the top prize, at the 22nd International Meeting on Information Displays (IMID 2022) held at BEXCO in Busan.

김주훈팀(en)_뷰페이지Joohoon Kim and Gyeongtae Kim (advisor Junsuk Rho) of the Mechanical Engineering Department received the gold and silver prizes in the KIDS Award sponsored by LG Display. The KIDS Award is an award given to the six most excellent papers (two papers each for gold, silver, and bronze) among 740 papers presented at IMID 2022. LG Display and Samsung Display sponsor one gold, one silver and one bronze prize each.

Gold prize winner Joohoon Kim was recognized for his contribution to overcoming process limitations and increasing the possibility of commercialization of metasurfaces by grafting mass-produced metasurfaces to virtual reality (VR) displays. Gyeongtae Kim received the silver prize as his work was evaluated to open the way for future micro-liDAR sensors by demonstrating a metasurface with a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

Additionally, the silver prize for the Best Paper Award and the Best Poster Award went to Byoungsu Ko and Junhwa Seong in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (advisor Junsuk Rho), respectively.

Byoungsu Ko received the award for his research on anti-counterfeiting technology based on double-security metasurface printing technology combined with humidity-variable hydrogel and Junhwa Seong, for his research on improving the robustness of metasurface using multifunctional protective coating.

IMID, one of the world’s top three information display conferences, is jointly hosted by the Korea Information Display Society (KIDS), the Society for Information Display (SID), and the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA). The conference was held with 2,500 attendees from 15 countries around the world.