POSTECH Students Receive SPIE Scholarship for 4 Consecutive Years

2022-06-15 396

[Two students – Jaehyuck Jang from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Trevon Badloe from the Department of Mechanical Engineering – were selected this year]

국제광공학회(en)_뷰페이지Two POSTECH Ph.D. candidates, Jaehyuck Jang (Department of Chemical Engineering) and Trevon Badloe (Department of Mechanical Engineering) whose advisor is Professor Junsuk Rho, will receive the 2022 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship from the American Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). This marks the 4th consecutive year that POSTECH students receive this SPIE scholarship.

Mr. Jaehyuck Jang has recently succeeded in demonstrating a large-capacity holographic storage device for virtual and augmented reality using the metasurface, a two-dimensional flat optical device.

Mr. Trevon Badloe focuses on research on metasurface design using deep learning and on intelligent nanophotonics that applies the design to variable metasurfaces.

SPIE awards this education scholarship annually to outstanding SPIE student members, based on their potential to make significant contribution to the field of optics and photonics in the future. Of the 78 students selected for this year’s scholarship, 14 were from Asia. Only four students were selected from Korea, of which half were POSTECH students.

Established in 1955, SPIE is the world’s most authoritative society in the field of optoelectronics with 250,000 accumulative members in 183 countries. For three years from 2019 to 2021, a total of four students from POSTECH – Dr. Gwanho Yoon (2019), Dr. Inki Kim (2020), Dr. Sunae So (2021), and Dr. Minkyung Kim (2021) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering – have received the education scholarship from SPIE, all of whom had Professor Junsuk Rho as their advisor.