Professor Wook-Shin Han Appointed as a Trustee of VLDB Endowment

2021-12-06 231

211206_POSTECH 한욱신 교수02

Professor Wook-Shin Han of POSTECH’s Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence (and Department of Computer Engineering, and Department of Convergence IT Engineering) has recently been elected as a trustee of VLDB Endowment.

Professor Han received his Ph.D. from KAIST in 2001 and worked at KAIST and Kyungpook National University before joining the POSTECH faculty in 2013. In September 2020, Professor Han was appointed as the director of POSTECH’s BK21 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center and as the Vice President of Academic Information Affairs in September 2021. His main research focus is in database management systems (DBMS).

Since 2015, Professor Han has been serving as the Vice Editor-in-Chief of the VLDB journal and will be overseeing the VLDB journal and the VLDB conference for a six-year term from January 2022.

The VLDB Endowment is the world’s leading authority in the database field, along with the American Computer Society Database Division (ACM SIGMOD). The Endowment is run by 21 elected trustees who have outstanding achievements in the field.