POSTECH Professor Moon Jeong Park Appointed as Fellow of American Physical Society

2021-10-18 312

박문정 교수님_본문 삽입

Professor Moon Jeong Park of POSTECH’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was selected as a fellow of American Physical Society (APS).

Professor Park has been conducting creative and insightful research to explain the function of molecular structure and self-assembled structure based on electrical, ionic polymer actuator and mechanical characteristics. In recognition of her contributions, APS has elected her as a fellow at the recommendation of the polymer physics committee.

Professor Park, who joined the POSTECH faculty in 2009, has outperformed in research areas of polymer electrolyte synthesis analysis, correlation of ionic channel-conductivity, and polymer actuator.

Professor also gained attention when she won the John H. Dillon Medal from APS as the first Korean, which is awarded to rising scientists who have shown exceptional potential in the field of polymer physical chemistry.

APS appoints less than 0.5% of its members as a fellow after strict review and the scholars accept this position as a great honor. Professor Park is the only scholar who belongs to a Korean university elected as a fellow this year and will be awarded the certificate in March 2022 at the annual meeting in Chicago. A total of six POSTECH professors have been elected as APS fellow.