POSTECH Hosts the Pohang AI Poongryu Concert

2021-06-16 368


POSTECH hosted a lecture and concert titled “Pohang AI Poongryu: Mathematical Analysis and Mechanical Composition of Mitdodri” at the Pohang Culture and Art Hall on June 11 – 12, 2021.

The event was hosted by POSTECH and organized by POSTECH MINDS, the POSTECH-Korea National University of Arts Digital Human Research Center, and the Pohang Culture Foundation. It was successfully held in coordination with the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and the Department of Mathematics at POSTECH, National Research Foundation of Korea, the School of Korean Traditional Arts of the Korea National University of Arts, Onseok University, Yeoju Institute of Technology, Art Hall Gayatgoeul, AURA, and Crost Ensemble.

At the concert, a newly composed piece was performed created through a technique discovered by a machine that used the mathematical analysis of the haegeum score of “Mitdodri” (Suyeonjangjigok 壽延長之曲), considered as one of the masterpieces of Korean traditional music.

The musicians performed “Mitdodri” for solo haegeum, a duet for guitar, a trio for haegeum, daegeum, and geomungo, and a trio for poongryu gayageum led by Soonyun Jeong, a professor at the Korea National University of Arts. The finale of the night was an ensemble piece performed by eastern and western instruments, choir, and VJING.

This concert was significant as it was presented in collaboration with POSTECH, Pohang Culture Foundation, local artists, a private concert venue, and eastern and western artists.