POSTECH Becomes a Public Sector Partner of Google Cloud APAC

2021-12-15 336

[POSTECH and Google Cloud signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on December 15 to lead the innovation in the sports industry together.]

211215_협약식 사진_본문 삽입

POSTECH has been selected as a public sector partner in the Asia Pacific region for Google Cloud.

POSTECH and Google Cloud held an online MOU signing ceremony to lead the global research development in AI for the sports industry.

With this agreement, the POSTECH Korea Sports Industry Development Institute and Google Cloud look forward to taking the lead in the rapidly changing landscape of the global sports industry.

Going forward, the two institutions will seek opportunities to promote the POSTECH Sports AIX Convergence Innovation Center, which will include collaborating on new projects, cultivating talents of global sports AIX convergence and innovation, providing technical support, securing global R&D projects and supporting technology-based start-ups, and holding international conferences together.

In addition, POSTECH plans to establish the infrastructure for Metaversity (combination of the words metaverse and university), to enhance the sports healthcare component to establish the medical science and engineering major at POSTECH’s Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology in 2023, and to collaborate on the IT infrastructure of POSTECH.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the signing ceremony was held online using Google Meet, which is Google’s video-communication service. The ceremony was attended by Mike Daniels, the Vice President of Google Global, Paul Wilson, the Director of Google Cloud APAC, Kwei Foong Koh, the Head of Public Sector of Google Cloud APAC, Moo Hwan Kim, the President of POSTECH, Jong Kyu Kim, the Vice President of Planning, and Yeong-Seok Kim, the Director of Korea Sports Industry Development Institute among other guests.