POSTECH and Samsung SDI Partner Together to Raise Battery Specialists

2021-11-04 407

POSTECH and Samsung SDI establishes an academia-industry partnership to foster battery specialists together. = 삼성SDI는 2021년 11월3일 오후 기흥본사에서 POSTECH와 ‘삼성SDI - POSTECH배터리 인재양성 과정 협약식’ 행사를 가졌다. 20211103

POSTECH and Samsung SDI announced the signing of an agreement for POSTECH-Samsung SDI Battery Track (PSBT) on November 3, 2021.

Through this partnership, POSTECH and Samsung SDI will operate customized training courses for professionals in battery materials, cells, and systems. Under the leadership of Center for Advanced Battery Technologies, over 6 departments at POSTECH including Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Department of Convergence IT Engineering (CiTE), Department of Electrical Engineering and Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Materials Technology (GIFT), and 25 members of faculties will participate in the program.

From year 2022 to 2031, over 100 scholarship recipients (master’s and Ph.D. degrees) of PSBT will be selected. These students will complete creative and professional leadership courses along with battery-focused curriculum. They will conduct research related to the ongoing projects and experiments of Samsung SDI and upon completion of their degree, they will join Samsung SDI as employees.

Samsung SDI plans to gain the technological competitiveness for next generation batteries through this agreement and step up efforts to nurture crucial talent in the battery sector.

“This agreement with Samsung SDI, which is a company that leads the global battery industry, will be a stepping stone for Korea to take the lead for next-generation batteries,” remarked POSTECH president Moo Hwan Kim. “POSTECH has shown excellence in various advanced research fields including materials, and will do its best to nurture the future leaders of the global battery industry through this agreement.”

“This agreement is significant in that it is with POSTECH, a university that produces world’s stop research, and for Samsung SDI to nurture talents to strengthen its competitiveness in the global battery market,” commented Hyuk Chang, the executive vice president of Samsung SDI. “We will offer multilateral support to the scholarship recipients including exceptional curriculum, great joint research projects, and R&D infrastructure of SDI.”