[POSLEC] The 3rd POSTECH Korean Speech Contest

<The 3rd POSTECH Korean Speech Contest>

1. Eligibility: All POSTECH students (Undergraduate, graduate including exchange students) & POSTECH researchers
※ Only for foreigners
2. Speech Topic: Personal experience with the Korean language and/or culture & Anything related to Korea
3. Details: Qualifying Round(Speech script) -> Final Round(Speech)
4. Qualifying Round
– Submission Materials: Application form, Speech script for 5 to 7 minutes(MS Word), Personal information collection and usage agreement
– Submission:
– Forms are in the attachment
– Script submission: Dec. 26th, 09:00 – 2024 Jan. 15th, 17:00
– Announcement of winners: 2024 Jan. 19th, after 15:00
– The results of Qualifying Round will be posted on the Bulletin Board and all participants will be notified individually
5. Final Round(*the schedule and the operation method may vary depending on the Covid-19 or other situation)
– Date and time: 2024 Feb. 2nd, Fri. / 14:00
– Venue: Muenjae Building, Room307
– Method: Deliver your speech(up to 5-7minutes) in Korean using your PowerPoint slides
– Announcement of winners: 2024 Feb. 2nd, Fri.(the very day) after the contest
– Award: First Place(1 person) 400,000won / Second Place(1 person) 300,000won/ Third Place (1 person) 200,000won
– Prize money will be transferred into accounts of the winner after the contest(Deposit after tax deduction in accordance with the relevant tax law)