Photo Essay 2: POSTECH-POSCO Joint Booth

2023-01-26 160

POSTECH participated in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for the second year in a row, operating a joint booth to promote the startups founded by POSTECH alumni at Eureka Park, an exhibition arena for global startups. A total of 21 startups, up 40%, exhibited their innovations in a space that was twice as large as last year’s.

Let’s explore the POSTECH startups that dazzled at CES, the center of cutting-edge technology!

Startups at the POSTECH-POSCO Joint Booth

포스텍-포스코 산학연 공동관 주요 전시 참여 기업을 나타내는 표입니다.
Name Product/Technology
Graphene Square (Byung Hee Hong, Dept of Chemistry) Roll-to-roll CVD-graphene mass production, Graphene synthesis technology for EUV pellicles
ONESOFTDIGM (Daeho Lee, Dept of Industrial & Management Engineering) Healthcare solution that collects biometric data with a portable body composition analyzer
AI FOR PET (Euna Huh of School of IT) Total AI healthcare service for pets
Narma (Kijung Kwon, Dept of Mechanical Engineering) Tilt-rotor drones for delivery services
i-GEST (Professor Jeong-Soo Lee, Dept of Electrical Engineering) PR strip and a highly sensitive on-site diagnostic device platform
hearDL (Professor Emeritus Hong June Park, Dept of Electrical Engineering) Deep learning-based noise suppression hearing assistant app
MiDAS H&T (Professor Unyong Jeong and alumnus Seyun Steve Chang, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering) Stretchable electrodes and sensors for wearable devices for the metaverse
EcoTect (Kihyun Kwon, Dept of Chemical Engineering) Environmentally friendly coated ocean buoys made of mushroom roots, sawdust, and used coffee grounds
Lutra (Seon Jong-yeop, Dept of Electrical Engineering) CLAM, a mobile app to turn a photo into a non-fungible token (NFT)
Asimula (DaeHyeon Na, Dept of Computer Science) VR concert platform
BUBBLER (Do Hee Keum, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering) Fourth-generation smart catheter

Among the 34 small and medium-sized Korean companies that won the Innovation Awards at CES 2023, Graphene Square, AI FOR PET, ONESOFTDIGM, and Lutra were founded by POSTECH students and alumni. Notably, Graphene Square was named a Best of Innovation Award honoree at CES 2023.

〈Graphene Square〉

The graphene radiator is a virtual fireplace that generates heat from graphene. Compared to conventional coil-type heaters, this game-changer uses the excellent heating property of graphene to lower energy consumption by up to 30% while generating virtually no electromagnetic radiation. The portable, folding unit produces a mix of 3D flames and crackling fire sounds, accentuating any décor style.


Fitrus is a personalized health management smart device combined with solution. This easy-to-use device allows consumers to monitor their health in real time at their convenience.


Lutra believes that ownership is the core value of non-fungible tokens. CLAM is a mobile app that turns a photo taken with a smartphone into an NFT.


This company showcased a smart wearable device that can easily detect the movement or condition of the human body through the use of stretchable electrodes based on printing technology. The device can adjust the temperature of the apparel by releasing microcurrents and capture the movements of muscles and joints more accurately during sports activities.


The stent designed by Bubbler uses calcium carbonate to produce tiny CO2 bubbles that unclog blocked blood vessels.


HearDL exhibits a deep-learning-based, noise-canceling hearing aid application that operates with a smartphone. The app does not require any particular device. The only thing needed is a typical sound receiver – earphones or headphones.


EcoTect showcased environmentally friendly ocean buoys, EcoFoam, made of mushroom roots and used coffee grounds to replace plastic ones. EcoFoam attracted attention as it overcomes the limitations of conventional eco-friendly buoys that have short life spans and low durability.