New Blockchain Courses Open on COURSERA

2024-01-02 98

Meet the new Blockchain courses offered on COURSERA, the world’s largest MOOC platform.

Led by Professor James Hong Won-Ki from the Department of Computer Science, the ‘Introduction to Blockchain’ course introduces the fundamental concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and explains how these technologies can be applied in real-world situations. This course, designed for easy access even for those without prior knowledge, started on June 1st.

Also, the ‘Blockchain Theory and Applications Part 1&2’ course deeply covers topics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts, the workings of consensus algorithms, and methods of developing decentralized applications. The course also plans to include explanations of the latest cryptocurrency trends like tokenomics, cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi, CBDC, and NFTs.
All courses are available for free to anyone interested in blockchain.

Since forming a partnership with COURSERA in 2016, POSTECH has been consistently offering courses, currently hosting a total of 8 courses. After registering as a COURSERA member, anyone can freely enroll in the desired course by searching for POSTECH.