Minkyung Kim Receives the Outstanding Female Graduate Student Award from The Korean Physical Society

2020-12-01 606


Minkyung Kim (Academic advisor: Professor Junsuk Rho), who is in the MS/PhD integrated program of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at POSTECH, won the Outstanding Female Graduate Student Award from the Korean Physical Society.

This award is given to a promising female graduate student who has published outstanding papers in prominent domestic and international journals while working toward a degree.It is awarded to less than two winners a year and is very selective.

Kim drew attention for her research that explores the new phase optics phenomena using meta-materials and photonic crystals.

She was selected as an up-and-coming female scientist in recognition of her work including “Extremely Broadband Topological Surface States in a Photonic Topological Metamaterial” published in Advanced Optical Materials in 2019 and “Topologically nontrivial photonic nodal surface in a photonic metamaterial” that was published in Physical Review B in 2020 among numerous other papers that were published in authoritative journals.