What to Support


Gifts to the undergraduate and graduate scholarship funds help POSTECH’s talented students to concentrate on discovering new ideas and conducting innovative research. POSTECH tries to recruit students with great potential, regardless of their financial circumstances, and these scholarships are awarded to provide financial support and recognize outstanding students.


POSTECH educates students to become global leaders in science and technology, and gifts can support us in developing programs to broaden students’ perspectives. Gifts to the globalization funds help us build a global campus and give students more opportunities to have overseas experiences.


Gifts can be designated to a specific department. These gifts help each department to enrich its educational program and offer students valuable experiences. Funds for the departments are used for their academic programs, student activities, awards, etc.

Endowed Chairs

One of POSTECH’s priorities is to recruit and retain outstanding faculty members who are critical in teaching and leading students to fulfill their dreams. Endowed chairs can help us recruit highly recognized scholars to POSTECH and support professors at POSTECH who have made distinguished achievements in teaching and research.

Special Lectures

Gifts can be designated to hold special lectures beyond regular curriculums. The world’s most renowned scholars are invited to inspire our students not only in science and technology, but also in humanities and social sciences.

Student Welfare

Most of the students at POSTECH live on campus. The time and activities outside classrooms and laboratories are also significant in developing creativity and discovering solutions to challenges. A gift to student welfare funds can contribute to improving student life (housing, meals, health care, etc.), holding cultural events, and supporting club activities.

Last Modified : 2019-03-20