Dr. Augustine Choi, Dean of Cornell School of Medicine, Speaks at POSTECH

2022-09-16 90

[A special lecture on ‘Changes in American Medical Education’ by Augustine Choi, the dean of Weill Cornell Medical College, held on August 26 at POSTECH]

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POSTECH held an invited talk by Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi, the dean of Cornell University’s medical college on August 26 at the POSCO International Center. In 2017, Dr. Augustine Choi drew attention as the first Korean to be appointed as the dean of a medical school at an Ivy League university (Cornell University).

In this lecture, Dean Choi delivered vivid cases in US medical education and future strategies to POSTECH members in a lecture titled, ‘Changes in American medical education for nurturing the next generation of medical personnel.”

The lecture given by Dean Choi, who has been dedicated to fostering medical scientists for many years, provided an opportunity to reach POSTECH’s dream to conduct convergence research on engineering or science combined with medicine in the future.

Augustine Choi, who immigrated to the U.S. in his first year of middle school and graduated from Louisville Medical School, went on to become a professor at Johns Hopkins, Yale, Pittsburgh, and Harvard medical schools. In 2013, he became the head of internal medicine at Cornell University and the medical director of New York Presbyterian Hospital and Cornell University Hospital. .

Dr. Choi’s research focus has been on the occurrence of chronic and acute lung diseases caused by molecular, cellular, or genetic factors. His paper proving the effectiveness of cell protection by injecting low concentrations of carbon monoxide into the body has attracted attention from academic circles. Based on his outstanding research achievements, he was awarded the 2011 Ho-Am Prize (medical category) in Korea.