Housing for Researchers(Posville)

Housing for Researchers(Posville) Guides

Posville is the accomodation for researchers with 5 buildings and 150 units. One of the buildings is for unmarried researchers, and the remaining four are for married researchers. Each unit covers 79.2㎡ that includes 3 bedrooms, a living room with dining space, a balcony, and a bathroom. Central heating (hot water) is provided for the accomodations.

  • Buildings for married researchers: Building #1 to #3 and #5 for 120 units in total
  • Buildings for unmarried researchers: Building #4 for 30 units

Qualifications and Unit Assignment (Please refer to the attached PDF for more information)

  • Eligibility
    • Married: a researcher with a Ph.D. degree or a non-tenure track faculty member
    • Unmarried: a researcher with a M.S. or others approved by the university

    ※ Others approved by the university: an approval from the Provost & Executive Vice President is required. The application may be processed through Housing Services.

  • Tenancy Period
    • The minimum occupancy period will be for 6 months.
    • Residents are allowed to stay for 5 years at maximum, but they are asked to pay 1.2 times more in rent than the amount of a regular tenancy period starting from their third year of occupancy.
  • Room Allocations (Accommodation Capacity)
    • Married residents: 1 person per household.
    • Unmarried residents: 3 people per household (for both Koreans and foreigners)
      ※ Residents are not allowed to change their assigned units without permission.
  • Security Deposit (The deposit will be refunded if there is no damage found during the move-out inspection)
    • Married residents: KRW 900,000
    • Unmarried residents: KRW 300,000
  • Posville Rental Payment (from Fall semester of 2017)
    • Married residents: KRW 598,000 per household (excluding utility cost)
    • Unmarried residents: 3 people per household (excluding utility cost)
Posville Rental Payment
Large room
Small room
Small room
Posville #4 KRW 264,000 KRW 233,000 KRW 201,000
Posville #6 KRW 258,000 KRW 220,000 KRW 220,000

※ Posville #6 has 29 households and is used as housing for CiTE students.

  • Residents Duty
    • Residents are not allowed to change their units without permission.
    • University regulations will be a general standard for all rules established by POSTECH and residents.
      ※ Activities that harm other residents, such as gambling, making loud noise, conducting private tutoring, having a pet, and selling items will be prohibited. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, residents may be ordered to move-out immediately.
    • For the assigned room, residents will be strictly prohibited from a room handover, subletting to strangers, or living with non-POSTECH members.
    • For each room, there will be a routine inspection for pest control and fire safety. If the residents are not present at the time of inspection, then the inspection technicians may enter the room with a master key.
    • Daily residential wastes may be disposed by using a standardized waste plastic bag. Food wastes may be disposed by using a transportation card (T Money) to the installed waste disposal machine.
    • Residents are prohibited from destroying the interior and exterior of the university facilities. For any facility damages caused by individuals, the respective person will be charged for facility restoration.
    • All installed and other miscellaneous facilities (including locking devices) cannot be destroyed, moved, and changed without permission.
  • Move-out
    • If the resident needs to move out, he/she should visit Housing Services and follow the moving out process. The resident will be responsible/liable for any loss or damage to the facility.
  • Contact Information
    • Intercampus Telephone: 188 without an area code or 279-0188
    • Cellphone/General telephone: 054-279-0188
    • Email: h-sm@postech.ac.kr

Department : Housing Services
Last Modified : 2017-02-13