Housing for Researchers(Posville)

Housing for Researchers(Posville) Guides

Posville is the accomodation for researchers with 6 buildings and 179 units. Each unit covers 79.2㎡ that includes 3 bedrooms, a living room with dining space, a balcony, and a bathroom. Central heating (hot water) is provided for the accomodations.

  • Eligibility
    • Anyone who meets the below qualifications can apply in order to provide stable residence for outstanding workforce to contribute to university research and education
    • ① Researcher (Post-doc, Research Faculty [within 7 years of appointment after Ph.D.])
    • ② Non-tenure Track: Collegiate Professor, Teaching Associate, Research Professor, Academia-Industry Collaboration Professor, Endowed Professor
    • ③ Graduate student
    • ④ Research Personnel/Administrative Staff (From Affiliated & Resident Research Institute: Researcher, University Employee (Full-time track annual salary contract)

    ※ Not available for retirees from Pohang area universities or companies.

  • Move-in Process
    • Filling out application form and submission (Move-in application)
    • Assigned by the order above (①-②-③-④) regardless of waiting period in accordance with room vacancy.
    • When the vacancy rate is higher than 10% for one month or more, an admission discussion for unqualified applicant will take place.

    ex) Visiting professor, affiliate faculty, lecturer etc.

  • Contact Information
Department : Housing Services
Last Modified : 2023-01-27