Dormitory Guides

All current student at POSTECH can reside in dormitories as long as there are no grounds for disqualification.
First and second year undergraduates must reside in the RC (Residential College) dormitory.
Third and fourth year undergraduates and graduate students can reside in regular dormitories. Married graduate students can either reside in graduate student apartments or off-campus housing if desired.
POSTECH operates a total of 24 dormitories: 20 for male students, 3 for female students, and 1 RC dormitory. Each dormitory room accommodates 2 people.

  • Regular dormitory: 3-5 story buildings, and each dormitory has a lounge, a laundry room, and a shower room.
  • RC dormitory: A snack room is located on each floor and each room has a bathroom with shower. Wired and wireless internet access is available in all dormitories.

The RC dormitory is where students can receive a customized education for their talent and reside with their academic advisors. Students in RC can participate in the ‘RC COLLOQUIA’ program which includes team projects, physical activities, voluntary services, field trips, and cultural performances. In addition, the RC dormitory provides students with leadership development programs.

  • Dormitory Bldg #16 is called DICE (Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange), an English-speaking building, and students can reside here via an interview with the professor in charge.

FAQ on Moving into and Living in Residence Halls

    • Eligibility


      Enrolled students for the current semester can reside in dormitories. Students on exceptional military duty (Professional Researchers) are considered as POSTECH students until receiving their degrees. Part-time students can move into dormitories with approval from the Dean of Graduate School while in school.
      However, any of the following students may be ineligible: a student under disciplinary action such as a suspension or more serious punishment in accordance with POSTECH regulations; a student who has stayed beyond the extra tenancy period; a student with an infectious disease; and a student whom the Dormitory Director considers unfit for communal living.

    • Application for Housing


      Freshmen are required to submit “a housing application” and “a health examination for tuberculosis” through the website ( or their mobile (, before moving in. Both current and returned students can apply for housing online via POVIS/Work Area.
      Undergraduate students can stay in dormitories during the summer and the winter break for summer/winter sessions or research programs, but different procedures may be required; the procedure is announced on the POVIS Notice bulletin board before the start of every school break.
      ※ Submission of application indicates that every applicant will comply with university regulations, and the application could be denied if students fail to uphold the aforementioned policies.

    • Room Assignment and Change

      In principle, room is assigned by male/female, undergraduate/graduate separately. But this is subject to modification when there is facility expansion/renovation, supply/demand change, and operation policy change. Room change is only available when there is admittible reason, and it could be made only once during semester with prior approval from Housing Services.

      • Room change is available from the beginning of semester to 10 days prior to the end of semester. Room change application can be made in POVIS(Work Area➞Dormitory➞Room change) during the room change period. Room change is only applicable to a vacant bed in case of twin room.
      • Room change application and move-in: Apply 11th~12th day of every month, 10AM~5PM, move-in 1st day of next month.
      • Undergraduate student: Under the RC regulation, room change is prohibited during the first semester(Follow regulation made by RC operating committee)
    • Tenancy Period


      Enrolled students for the current semester can reside in dormitories. Students on exceptional military duty (Professional Researchers) are considered as POSTECH students until receiving their degrees. Part-time students can move into dormitories with approval from the Dean of Graduate School while in school.
      However, any of the following students may be ineligible: a student under disciplinary action such as a suspension or more serious punishment in accordance with POSTECH regulations; a student who has stayed beyond the extra tenancy period; a student with an infectious disease; and a student whom the Dormitory Director considers unfit for communal living.

    • Dormitory Costs and Maximum Length of Stay

      Dormitory Costs

      As of 2024 Spring semester (Won)

      사용료에 관련된 구분, 일반생활관, 20동, 21동, 19동, 사용기관에 대해 설명한 테이블입니다.
      Dormitory Twin Room Single Room
      General #20 RC (#21) General #19 (Male) #20 (Female) 24 Community
      (Undergraduate:4 Weeks,
      145,000 154,000 171,000 244,000 219,000 260,000 A : 363,000
      B : 311,000
      C : 394,000

      * 24Community Center: Deposit \700,000, Utility Fee \100,000/semester(Advance payment)

      Maximum Length of Stay

      Maximum Length of Stay
      Course Bachelor Master Ph.D. Integrated
      Maximum Length of Stay 12 semester 6 semester 12 semester 14 semester

      Pay 1.5 times the dormitory cost per semester for the exceeded semesters (to be implemented beginning Spring 2025)

    • Move-out

      Residents whose enrollment status has changed or want to move out for personal reasons must visit the Housing Services office and follow the move-out procedures.
      At the end of every semester, undergraduate students must follow the move-out procedures in accordance with Housing Services, clean their rooms, and place all furniture in the original position when moving out.

      ※ The original position indicates that the bed is placed under the clothes dryer attached to the wall.
      Housing Services will conduct room inspections to identify furniture and utility maintenance. If damages are found on facilities or furniture, the residents will be asked to pay for the damage.
      If residents’ personal belongings are left in the room, Housing Services may discard them.

    • Refund Policy

      Students who move out of dormitory during the semester will receive a refund for the remaining months. However, the rent for the month in which students terminate the residency will not be refunded.

    • Duty to Report

      If a resident observes something that appears suspicious or unsafe, he/she must immediately report it to the Housing Services office.

      • A fire or a theft occurs
      • He/she recognizes the possibility of an accident at facilities
      • His/her roommate is missing for more than 24 hours
      • An outsider is detected in dormitory

      ※ Housing Services Contact Information (24 hours): Tel. 054-279-0188,
      ※ Facilities Management Contact Information (power house, 24 hour): Tel. 054-279-0117 or 117 (on-campus call)
      ※ Fire Station 119, Crime 112

    • Housing Rules

      Major Violations and Penalty Points to be Imposed (Amended January 19, 2024)

      Major Violations and Penalty Points to be Imposed
      Description of Violations Maximum Penalty Points Housings (Unmarried) Graduate Apartment
      1. Criminal act 70 points O O
      2. Unauthorized access to the housing or RC floors of the opposite sex(1) and a person who allows it 70 points O X
      3. Carrying flammable substances in housings or causing accidental fire 60 points O O
      4. Any for-profit activity 50 points O O
      5. Damaging, removing, or taking private ownership of the University property 50 points O O
      6. Unauthorized entry or a night stay(2)
      – A person who allowed it or a person who entered(stayed)
      50 points O X
      7. Cooking in a place other than the kitchen in housing buildings 20 points O X
      8. Smoking inside housing buildings (including the rooftop, stairs, and balconies) or within five meters from a building 60 points O O
      9. Bringing in and using unauthorized electrical appliances(1) 60 points O X
      10. Careless use of authorized electrical appliances 20 points O O
      11. Installation of personal wallpaper, floor coverings, carpets, or tiles in the bedroom(3) 20 points O X
      12. Unauthorized change of a room and unauthorized resident (1) 50 points O O
      13. Keeping animals (including insects/fishes)(1) 20 points O O
      14. Failure to follow the procedures for moving in or out of a housing(1) 30 points O O
      15. Failure to follow the instructions from the Housing Director or the Housing Director’s Office 20 points O O
      16. Change of the structure/layout of a bedroom in violation of the regulations(1) 15 points O O
      17. Violation of the internal regulations of the Housing Council or each building’s tenants association(3) 15 points O O
      18. Neglecting personal items in corridors and public spaces, other acts that are against clean and safe management of housings, and any disorderly act 25 points O O
      19. Failure to register on POVIS a personal vehicle parked within the housing areas for 10 days or more per semester, failure to display the Housing Student Vehicle Registration Certificate, and any other act that violates parking order(4) 20 points for violation of parking regulations and additional 50 points for refusal to pay towing fees O O
      20. Unauthorized proselytizing activities within the housing areas and any act in violation of the University’s policies on propagation of religion(5) 20 points O O
      21. Any act in violation of the regulations made by the RC Housing Operating Committee(6) 70 points O X
      22. In case of non-payment of user fees

          – For the first instance of non-payment: Warning and notification of follow-up measures in case of continuous non-payment

          – For the second instance of non-payment: Access to the dormitory is limited (20 points)

          ※ For installment payers: Request for a lump sum payment of the balance for the current semester/No application for installment payment until graduation

          – For the third instance of non-payment: additional 10 penalty points & leave dormitory for one semester (extra 10 points)
      20 points (Additional 10 points) O O
        1. (1)Penalty points may not be imposed with the Housing Director’s review and approval on an advanced request by an individual or a group.
        2. (2)If approved in advance, you can enter or stay (Amended February 18, 2019) (Amended July 23, 2020)

      – User fees shall be paid in advance when prior approval (living center operation team) is made.
      – Exemption is possible if it meets the purpose of the university’s public interest. Targets are those related to the school (returning students, students on leave, graduates, etc.) or outsiders (people related to cooperation between universities, student exchanges, and entrance examination promotion, etc.)

      1. (3)A resolution on this item’s details shall be passed with a two-third vote of the tenants of each building; if the resolution is passed, this item may be excluded from penalty points or managed autonomously by each housing building’s tenants association for one semester with the Housing Director’s review and approval.
      2. (4)A person who parks his/her car within the housing areas must apply for parking registration along with a copy of vehicle registration (For new vehicles, register within 10 days of purchase) (Amended February 18, 2019)
        – A university-issued registration certificate must be registered at the front of the vehicle
        – Any vehicle violating the parking rules may be towed away, and the towing fees shall be paid for by the violator (If he/she fails to pay the towing fees, 50 penalty points shall be additionally imposed)
        – University shall not take responsibility for any vehicle damage occurred during the towing process.
      3. (5)A housing student may submit a request for approval to the Housing Director’s Office with a detailed description of the activities such as the detailed schedule, number of participants, and the method to propagate religion to two or more persons within the housing areas. The activity shall only be allowed with approval obtained one week prior to the activity. In particular, propagating religion inside the housing buildings shall be allowed only when the person who wishes to conduct the activity posts an activity plan written on A3-sized or larger paper in front of the applicant’s room, and at the entrance of the housing building four (4) days prior to the visit for such activity. The student wishing to propagate religion can only visit the rooms of students who approved such activities. (Amended February 18, 2019)
      4. (6)As for the RC (Residential College), additional Housing Regulations determined by the RC Housing Operating Committee shall have the same effect as the general Housing Regulations after deliberated by the Housing Director. (Amended February 18, 2019)
      5. (7)Deleted (2016.1.1)

      o Accumulated Penalty Points and Corresponding Disciplinary Measures (Amended July 23, 2020) (Amended August 1, 2021) (Amended January 19, 2024)

      Accumulated Penalty Points and Corresponding Disciplinary Measures (Amended July 23, 2020) (Amended August 1, 2021) (Amended January 19, 2024)
      Accumulated Penalty Points Disciplinary Measures
      5~29 points Campus services
      30~49 points Campus services, Not permitted to reside in the housing for the following regular semester
      50~69 points Campus services, Not permitted to reside in the housing for the following two regular semester, Notify to supervisor
      70 points or more The person shall be immediately evicted for good, Notify to supervisor, and the case shall be submitted to the academic disciplinary committee.

      ※ In the case of a cumulative penalty score of 50 or more, the Housing Director decides whether to notify the supervisor.

      ※ Penalties may be imposed and executed at the discretion of the Housing Director. An objection may be filed within one week for the imposition of 30 or more penalty points, and the Housing Operating Committee must reconsider within one month. Retrial student shall have the right and obligation to attend when the request for retrial is convened, and the penalty point shall be determined if the request for attendance is not satisfied. (Amended February 18, 2019)

      o Penalty points reduction (Established July 23, 2020) (Amended January 19, 2024)

      (1) If a student subject to penalty points has an award points, the penalty points may be reduced. An award points shall be valid for one year from the date of grant, and the grant of an award points may be made at the discretion of the Housing Director.

      (2) Award points grant

      Penalty points reduction (Established July 23, 2020) (Amended January 19, 2024)
      Maximum Award Points Disciplinary Measures
      50 points A person deemed to have made a great contribution to the school and dormitory
      – Accident Prevention
      – Safety, emergency response and rescue
      30 points Dormitory self-governing council, exemplary practices, etc. in communal living
      Suggestions for excellent ideas for dormitory
      20 points Self-governing council event support, inspection assistance work, service (1 point/2 hours, maximum 4 points/day per event)
      Student recommended by Housing Services
      10 points An excellent cleanliness when inspecting a room
      Student who reported inside problems of the dormitory in advance
    • Daily Life Inspections

      The Director of Housing Services may conduct a dormitory inspection at any given time, including during the regular semester and summer and winter semesters. The Dormitory Council may conduct inspections on both a regular and end-of-semester basis.

    • Electrical Appliances

      All electrical appliances must be turned off after use. Residents are allowed to use electrical appliances only approved by the university as shown below. Disapproved appliances that are needed for a health condition may be used upon the pre-approval of dormitory professors.

      Electrical Heating Appliances
      Category Item Note
      Approved Disapproved
      Electric Heating Appliances Electric blanket / Electric heating mat
      Electric heater / Electric fan heater
      Cooking Appliances Coffee Pot Noodle Cooker 1 per room
      Coffee Maker 1 per room
      Toaster / Yogurt maker 1 per room for each
      Microwave oven installed in lounge for communal use
      Electric rice cooker/ Electric frying pan
      Gas burner / Cooker
      Hot plate installed in RC lounge/kitchen for communal use
      Multi-media/ Audio Appliances Video/TV/ Audio 1 per room for each
      Electronic musical instruments
      Equipment for study Computer
      Electric lamp
      Others Electric Fan USB Fan 1 per room (standardized products only)
      Refrigerator 1 per room (less than 120L)
      Vacuum cleaner 1 per room
      Hair dryer 1 per room
      Humidifier Steam Humidifier
      Power extensions
      (Extension cord)
      Maximum capacity; less than 3 ampere per room (with a circuit breaker)
      Iron allowed only in lounge for communal use (Dormitory Council is responsible for the procurement)
      installed in laundry room for public use (Dormitory Council is responsible for the maintenance)
      Washer installed in laundry room for public use
    • Furniture and Personal Belongings Storage

      Each dorm room is furnished with beds, mattresses, closets, desks, bookshelves, chairs, and folding clothes dryers attached to the wall. Students are not allowed to move or dispose of any piece of furniture.

      Students need to bring their own desk lamp, bedding sets, towels, and soap. Female students are required to bring a private mattress pad as well.

      Storage lockers in the basement of each dormitory building are available during the summer/winter break only, and should be cleared during regular academic sessions. Only general items are allowed to be stored instead of valuables, and any unclaimed items after the 10th day of classes of each semester will be discarded by Housing Services.

    • Mail, Laundry, and Telephone Services

      Mail and packages

      • Mail and packages (first-class mail, priority mail, and first-class package) are delivered to the mailbox of each dormitory building. Therefore, residents may use the dormitory address for their mail and packages.
      • Mail for special handling (registered mail, registered packages, and express mail) should be delivered door-to-door to the recipient through either the POSTECH Mailroom or the recipient’s department, since it requires the recipient’s signature.
      • The Housing Services office does not receive any packages on behalf of residents. It is recommended that residents use the Smart Locker System which is located in the Jigok Community Center, Student Union Building, Laboratories Building, and RC dormitory or to receive parcels in person.

      ※ Dormitory Address: POSTECH Dormitory #OO, Room #OOO, 77, Cheongam-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang City, Gyeongbuk, Korea, 37673
      ※ Department Address: Department of (name of department), POSTECH, 77, Cheongam-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang City, Gyeongbuk, Korea, 37673

    • Laundry

      Each floor of all dormitory buildings has a washer and dryer shared by all residents of the floor.
      Residents are expected to keep the washers and dryers clean for other users.
      Placing a private dryer for an individual is not allowed; residents may use a clothes dryers attached to the wall in a room.
      Rental washers and dryers are chargeable service and they are managed and maintained by a rental contractor.
      A cleaner shop is located in the Dormitory Bldg #14.

      Inquiries and Report

      • Rental washers and dryers: direct report to the rental contracter through the contact information attached to the machines.
      • POSTECH cleaner shop (Tel. 279-2663)
    • Telephone

      Residents are required to individually purchase a telephone. Once installed, making an on-campus call is possible but an off-campus call may be restricted (inside Pohang city, outside Pohang city, and international calls).

      Inquiries and Report

      • Telephone installation and breakdown report: Tel. 054-279-0110 (110 on-campus call)
    • Bicycle, Cars, and Motorcycle Management (Separate management by General Affairs and Safety)

      Car parking within the dormitory area is prohibited. Drivers may use designated parking lots including those of Graduate Student Apartment, Jigok Community Center, and the Gymnasium.

      Bicycles or motorcycles must be parked only in the designated place in front of each dormitory building but not in the entrance of buildings.

      If the resident has a broken or unused bicycle or motorcycle, he or she should dispose of it as soon as possible.

      ※ Specific Management: Regulations for Motorcycles on campus (General Affairs and Safety)

      Penalty points (Any appeal should be made within 7 days of receiving the pentalty notification)

      Penalty points (Any appeal should be made within 7 days of receiving the pentalty notification)
      Criteria Penalty Points
      Unlicensed driver (passenger also penalized) 20
      Driving under the influence (passengers also penalized) 40
      Causing an accident 30
      Not wearing a helmet (passenger also penalized) 20
      Three people or more riding together (passengers also penalized) 10
      Unregistered motor vehicle 10
      Parking violation 10
      Refusing to sign on the ticket 40

      Penalty Points and Corresponding Disciplinary Actions
      (Effective period for accumulation of penalty points: one semester)

      Penalty Points and Corresponding Disciplinary Actions
      Cumulative Penalty Points Disciplinary Actions
      Up to 20 points A verbal warning given
      21 ~ 40 A written warning sent by email
      41 ~ 60 8 hours of campus services required
      61 or more Reported to Student Disciplinary Committee

  • Regulations for Miscellaneous Matters

    If students change units without permission, the following penalty points will be imposed respectively:

    • Forcing a resident for a room change: 30 points
    • Being forced by another resident for a room change: 5 points
    • Other cases: 20 points each

    Rearrangement of furnishings in the bedroom is subject to penalties if the conditions below are not met. (5 points)

    • The door should be opened to 90 degrees or more.
    • For a hinged window, the hinged part should be seen from the door.
    • When new students move in, storage spaces should be available for immediate use. (such as a closet and
      a bookshelf)
    • Electric heating and cooling appliances should be installed in a way to enable cleaning.
    • When moving out, all the furniture should be placed in the original position.
      If the above conditions are not completed, then additional 10 penalty points will be imposed.
    • New students can request to the current resident to replace all the furniture in the original position.
  • Waste Disposal

    For disposing residential waste, use the waste bin installed on each floor.

    For disposing larger waste such as a refrigerator, a fan, a desktop and a printer, the resident may buy an appropriate waste disposal sticker which can be purchased at R-market in Hyoja. Attach the sticker to the waste and dispose of it at the back of Bldg #18.

  • Contact Information

    Intercampus Telephone: 188 without an area code or 279-0188

    Cellphone/General telephone: 054-279-0188


Department : Housing Services
Last Modified : 2024-04-09