Student Medical Co-op Plan

The Student Medical Co-op Plan is for undergraduate and graduate students at POSTECH. Students should pay the fee selectively at the time of tuition payment. Students who pay the fee in the applicable semester are granted with membership from the starting date of the semester.

Students in the undergraduate and graduate programs pay 28,000won each per semester. Students who lose their student status due to changes in academic status automatically lose their membership, but in the event of leave of absence due to illness, the membership is retained until the end of the applicable semester.

All members are eligible for up to a maximum of half a million KRW in reimbursement for 80% of his/her medical care costs. Upon the death of a member, 1 million KRW is granted for funeral expenses. For medical expense reimbursement request, the regular one shall be made within 1 month from the date of the medical services in the applicable semester. A special request for medical expense reimbursement(Clause ④of Article 20: 1. An inpatient service 2. A series of consecutive medical treatments administered more than 4 times in 30 days due to a surgery or one single illness.) must be made within the semester the treatment begins.

How to Request Medical Expense Reimbursement

In case of general request, receipts for medical treatment and prescription, cash or credit card receipts should be submitted on the SMCP website ( In case of special request, an additional certificate must be submitted together. Depending on the case, additional documents may be requested.

Payment Guidance

  • When is the reimbursement paid?
    As long as there is not a special reason involved, the reimbursement shall be paid to the applicant’s account in approximately 15 days after the date of application submission. Payment is made twice a month due to collecting applications and verifying the amount of medical expenses.
  • Scope of Medical Expenses
    The scope of medical expenses is limited to the expenses for medical treatment and prescription of diseases and injuries insured by medical insurance; in case of infectious disease designated by law, the reimbursement covers only the first diagnosis to verify the case, not follow-up treatment.
  • Medical expense reimbursement shall not be paid as per the Student Medical Co-op Plan Agreement in the following cases:
    1. 01.Skin illnesses that do not interfere with daily life, including freckles and moles.
    2. 02.Dental diseases requiring expensive materials such as dental prosthesis, dentures and braces.
    3. 03.Ophthalmological treatment for the purpose of vision correction such as glasses, contact lenses and more.
    4. 04.Medical surgery and treatment for cosmetic purposes.
    5. 05.Addiction to narcotics and psychoactive drugs.
    6. 06.Expenses for purchasing medical aid devices such as assistance device, prosthetic hand/leg, hearing aid and artificial eye.
    7. 07.Congenital illnesses that do not interfere with daily life.
    8. 08.Vaccinations (except for immunization medicine to treat diseases such as tetanus, etc.)
    9. 09.Incidents or illnesses like traffic accidents or an act of violence for which the third party is liable for the costs (except in the case where the third party is deemed incapable of payment).
    10. 10.(Deleted August 29, 2013)
    11. 11.Childbirth and regular medical check-up due to pregnancy.
    12. 12.Accidents due to drunk or unlicensed driving.
    13. 13.In cases where safety devices are not properly applied in a traffic accident or safety accident.
    14. 14.Routine medical check-up (except for examination for the purpose of treatment).
    15. 15.Other exceptional cases under the Korean National Health Insurance Act.
    16. 16.Other cases that the board of directors deems inapplicable for reimbursement


  • Regular request is defined as cases where a member should pay more than 10,000 KRW for one-time treatment or services among all cases not belonging to the special request cases.
  • Reimbursement request must be made within 1 month from the date of medical treatment; Application request is unavailable once the term has expired.
  • When requesting for reimbursement for a motorcycle accident, a copy of driver’s license must be attached with application.
  • Reimbursement is not available for motorcycle accidents when not wearing helmet and drunk and unlicensed driving.
  • When requesting for reimbursement, please prepare a bank account number with Woori Bank for receiving money.
    (When applying, in addition to receipts for medical treatment and prescription, cash or credit card receipts must also be submitted.)