Counseling/Psychological tests

Counseling/Psychological tests

The POSTECH Counseling Center is an independent institution devoted to student counseling and research on student issues.

Anxiety and homesickness are common feelings when adapting to a new environment at the beginning of campus life. In such cases, students need a place where they can disclose their personal feelings and individual matters with a professionally trained counselor.

Where to go may vary depending on the degree of seriousness and nature of the problem. Students are highly recommended without hesitation to visit a supervising professor in their department or the student counseling center who are there to offer help to students in need.

POSTECH Counseling Center

Unlike any agency of guidance and supervision over students, the POSTECH Counseling Center is an independent institution devoted to student counseling and research on student issues. Counseling and tests are free and kept confidential. Students can always trust and visit the center to receive a professional consultation whenever faced with difficult and personal problems that cannot be solved alone.

  • What is counseling?
    Counseling refers to a process through which an individual strives to understand his/her inner world, get problems resolved and make his/her own growth available through dialogue with a professionally trained counselor.
  • Who needs counseling?
    Counseling is often misunderstood as a service for only people with a serious problem like a mental illness. However, anybody can make use of counseling for better adaptation and self-understanding. In particular, it can be of great assistance for a student who suffers severe depression, anxiety, feelings of inferiority, tension or unsatisfying interpersonal relationships, or those who have difficulties to study or are easily distracted.
  • Why is counseling necessary?
    Although people are likely to believe that someone’s personal problem can and must be solved only by him/herself, objective introspection can be difficult. Of course, this is because of a lack of psychological knowledge, but more importantly, a person can hardly escape from his/her own subjective frame. Therefore, it is a wise way to understand one’s inner world more accurately and seek appropriate solutions accordingly by having dialog with a professional counselor. In this sense, to receive counseling is not something to be ashamed of, but a wise and courageous act.

Last Modified : 2023-06-02