University Motto


POSTECH Motto:Creativity, Sincerity, Progressiveness


Zinnia was chosen as the school flower because it has always been the favorite flower among scholars.

Zinnia maintains its beauty blooming throughout the summer in both heat and rain. The resilient Zinnia begins to bloom in June with violet blossoms and lasts until early September.

Zinnia can be found everywhere around the University Administration Building, POSTECH Information Research Laboratory, Nobel Garden, Jigok Community Center and dormitories. This flower can be easily seen on campus due to its natural splendor.

The vibrant Zinnia is to be found on the eastern side of the University Administration Building. The Zinnia was planted as a gift at the time of the foundation of POSTECH by Tae-Joon Park, the founding chairman and the founder of POSTECH and POSCO. With its consistency and beauty, Zinnia stands for the patience and tenacity of scholars on the long and arduous journey of achieving academic enlightenment.



Words: Kim Jong-gil, Music: Lee Kyung-suk, A place looking over the clean flows of Hyeongsan River full of old wisdom of Seorabeol. Where the nation’s elites gather together uniting their minds for the future of the nation. Everyday shining like a sun rising from the East Sea, the cradle of science and technology, POSTECH, A place looking out the blue water of Youngil Bay adjacent to the foot of the six continents. Where Korea’s intellectuals gather together joining forces for the future of mankind. Everyday shining like a sun rising from the East Sea, the hall of science and technology, POSTECH.

Last Modified : 2023-03-14