Environmental Sustainability

1) POSTECH’s Environmental Sustainability

POSTECH is committed to upholding environmental sustainability through policies and student-led society activities about environmental sustainability .
POSTECH operates several committees for the environment, as mandated by POSTECH’s regulations. Moreover, a QA/QC manual has been drafted and implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Furthermore, students actively participate in diverse environmental initiatives, as detailed in the document below.

2) POSTECH’s Sustainable Procurement / Investment


① POSTECH has implemented ‘Unusable Asset Recycling Policy’ to sustain environmental sustainability. This policy allows for the disposal or elimination of unusable assets after confirming their recyclability.

② POSTECH has established a purchasing policy related to ethical responsibility to prevent unfair dealings with suppliers. Additionally, POSTECH strives to fulfill its social responsibility through initiatives such as the introduction of ‘Subcontracting Co-payment system’ and prioritized contract agreements with social enterprises.


POSTECH has guidelines for operation of the profit business fund. This contains POSTECH’s sustainable investment policy. In the part of the fund management principles, it mentions that ESG factors can be considered to investment target. Also, the factors are mentioned in the list of considerations for ESG investment.

3) Emission

  • 2023 Emission Report
POSTECH 2022 carbon emission report
(tCO2e) Scope 1 Scope 2 Total
POSTECH 1,344 31,041 32,385

POSTECH 2023 carbon emission report

  • 2022 Emission Report
POSTECH 2022 carbon emission report
(tCO2e) Scope 1 Scope 2 Total
POSTECH 1,225 31,013 32,238

POSTECH 2022 carbon emission report


Environmental Education

1) POSTECH sustainable course guide

POSTECH provides various courses about environmental sustainability.
In the 2022-2024 academic year, there are 44 sustainable courses.

2) POSTECH Sustainability Degree guide

  • – Environmental Science and Engineering (MS & PhD)
  • – Interdisciplinary minor in Environmental science & Engineering (Minor degree)
  • – Interdisciplinary minor in ECO-Friendly Energy (Minor degree)


Environmental Research

POSTECH’s Sustainable Research Center

POSTECH has 10 environmental sustainability related research centers as below, and the number of dedicated FTE(Full-time Equivalent) staff for each center is indicated within parentheses below.

– Institute of Environmental and Energy Technology (11)
– Center for Ordered Nanoporous Materials Synthesis (3)
– Research center for carbon-zero green ammonia cycling (14)
– Center For Abrupt Climate Changes (1)
– Microenvironmental nitric oxide-modulation research center for biomedical applications (3)
– Institute for CO2 Reduction & Sequestion (1)
– Center for Climate Science & Technology (2)
– POSCO&RIST-POSTECH Integrated Research Institute (2)
– POSTECH-LGES Battery Innovation Center (8)
– Center for Environmental Big-Data (1)


‘POSCO&RIST-POSTECH Integrated Research Institute’ contributes to the teaching of undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes by offering two courses.

The names of the courses are as follows:
1) Chem. Eng. for Energy & Environment (3 credit): Every spring semester
2) Lecture for Hydrogen & LowCarbon Energy (3 credit): Every fall semester