Campus Tour Application Guide

POSTECH is available only for a group tour led by organizations. Campus tours are provided for groups with a minimum of 10 people. To improve the quality of the tour, there are several departments in charge of tour management depending on the target and purpose, so please refer to the detailed information as shown below and submit a tour request online or contact the department in charge. (If there is not a department in charge, or in case of an individual or family tour, a tour guide will not be provided. For such private tours, please refer to the generally recommended courses and campus attractions as shown below.)

Public organizations

  • Target: average adult organization, university group, corporate group, etc. (excluding a student group), except for educational institutions.
    Adult groups that want a guided tour of the POSTECH campus.
  • Note: please note that this information is subject to change and cancellation.
  • Department in charge: External Relations and Communications Team (+82-54-279-2411~8,

Education and student organizations

  • Target: middle/high school groups, education-related organizations (non-profit) with 20-300 students and teachers who want to obtain information related to university admissions
  • Content: college information, campus life related information, college admissions information/campus walking tours
  • Duration: approx. 40 min. for presentations, about 20 min. for campus tour (subject to change depending on walk and weather conditions)
  • How to apply : and login, apply.
  • Note: After submitting a request application, please check your approval status via the website (please note that the tour is subject to change and cancellation due to internal affairs). A research institution tour or a university cafeteria visit should be booked separately. Tour request from the second semester to December is hard to be approved due to the university entrance examination.
  • Department in charge: Admissions Office (+82-54-279-3625)

Foreign organizations

  • Target: groups of foreigners (including an interpreter), overseas organizations with difficulty communicating in Korean.
  • Department in charge: External Relations and Communications Team (054-279-2414,

Tour Course Guide

The general tour is mainly focused on major on-campus attractions and the course is subject to change depending on the purpose of the tour.

General course

Watch a PR video (university introduction) → the Central Fountain in front of the University Administration Building → the Nobel Garden → Jungang Plaza (The statue for future Korean scientists)


  • Reading about the campus attractions on the POSTECH website before your visit is recommended for your tour.
  • In principle, a tour is provided from Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday and public holidays. However, the tour can be cancelled depending on university events and the schedule of the department in charge.
  • Please arrive at POSTECH on time. If the arrival is delayed, please contact the person in charge of the tour.
  • In the interest of time, some courses can inevitably be skipped.
  • Tour course and time can be adjusted under circumstances.
  • Generally, a group tour takes about 45 minutes. (Group tour application will not be submitted if accompanied by elementary school students)
  • Please send us tour reviews and photos, so that we may upload selected ones on POSTECH website.
    Address: [free format]
    If you have any questions regarding the use of on-campus cafeteria, please contact POSTECH Food Services (+82-54-279-2664).
  • For a research institution or POSTECH1986 visit, please refer to the following contact information.
    In the case that the purpose of a tour does not fit with a research institution, the tour will be rejected. Please check availability before your visit.

Research institution, POSTECH1986 websites

Research institution, POSTECH1986 websites
Institution Websites Contact (Telephone)
PAL (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) +82-54-279-1050
NINT (National Institute for Nanomaterials Technology) +82-54-284-0263
KIRO (Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence) +82-54-279-0416
POSTECH1986 (POSTECH’s Historical Museum) +82-54-279-2545