Student Club Activities

Student Club Registration Process

A student organization must pursue student activities that conform to the Statutes of Pohang University of Science and Technology and the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Association and a student club must have a minimum of 15 members and appoint a faculty advisor.

Student Club Registration Process

A person wishing to form a student club shall prepare the following documents and submit them to the Undergraduate Student Affairs Team within 30 days of the start of each academic year

  1. 1.Student organization registration form
  2. 2.Written consent from a faculty advisor
  3. 3.List of members and written pledges
  4. 4.Membership policies or bylaws of the organization
  5. 5.Organizational Chart
  6. 6.Activity and financial report for the previous year
  7. 7.Activity plan and statement of budget for the current year
  • Have a minimum of 15 members
  • Appoint a faculty advisor
  • Submit an application to the club association
  • Office of Admissions and Student Affairs
  • Registration approval and announcement
  • Deliberation by Student Affairs Committee

Student Club Registration Status

Student Club Registration Status
Group Club name Field Activity Contents
HANULRIM Classic Orchestra Musical understanding through classical musical instrument playing and promotion of school culture
CHORUS Choir Cultivating musical emotions and developing quality through chorus
CHEERO Cheerleading Introducing the support culture to members of POSTECH, inspire affection and induce unity
SARMTER Pungmul Nori Dissemination of sound culture through understanding and inheritance of traditional culture
ADLIB Drama Acting Through the play, finding myself inside and contributing to revitalizing the university culture through performances
Original Postech Cast Musical Activation of musical culture through the screening and appreciation of musicals
CTRL-D Street Dance A group of students interested in dancing dance together and get closer with each other
STEELER Rock Band Musical growth, and improvement of emotions and playing ability through rock music
BLUEPEANUTS Jazz Band Jazz performance and appreciation
VOCES R&B/Ballad Activities based on R&B and ballad music
P-FUNK Hip hop Friendship through hip-hop music
UMCHI A capella A group of people who have a good voice and love music, especially those who are interested in a cappella
GT LOVE Songwriting Band Music creation
BREMEN Rock Band Allowing students to freely develop and express their musical world through band-based musical activities
GUITARHANA Acoustic guitar Guitar Playing and Studing Guitar music
CLATAR Classical guitar Emotional improvement and musical pursuit through playing Classic Guitar
Sports TACHYONS Baseball Friendship and physical fitness through baseball
KAISER Soccer Strengthen endurance, organization, and friendship through football
ELEVEN Futsal Cultivating leadership and teamwork through fun football and futsal games
POBBA Basketball Improving fitness through basketball and promoting friendship and harmony
PASSING Tennis Improving fitness through tennis and promoting friendship and harmony
IMPACT Racquetball Friendship and physical fitness through Racquetball
YEGEONMHOE Kendo Training and fostering of mind and body through Kendo
YUCHE Judo Mind and body training through Judo
TAKSANGGONGLON Table tennis Physical fitness training and friendship through table tennis
GAEGEUNSUNG Cycling Raising physical strength and muscularity through bicycle, and making friendship with members
Team POSTECH Jujitsu A club to learn and practice jiujitsu to protect oneself and enjoy jiujitsu as a sport
Clear Badminton Friendship and physical fitness through badminton
Academic MARCUS(Mathematical Research Club for Undergraduated Students) Mathematics Fellowship through understanding and study of mathematics
MSSA(Management Strategy Student Association) Management Strategy Research Management strategy case study and consulting (management strategy, marketing, etc.) Logical thinking through solving practical problems. Cultivation of strategic thinking ability and formation of management field network
HISTORICCAL EXPLORERS Historical Exploring Formation of a correct historical view through the study of history and culture and cultivation of various perspectives
POWER-ON Robot Making Control and free creation through MCU programming
PLUS(Postech Laboratory for Unix Security) Internet Diffusion and Security A Study on the Internet Dysfunction and Security Problems by Internet Dissemination and Utilization
PoApper Computer Programming Planning, development, and operation of various IT services including web, application, and game
POSCAT(Postech Computing Algorithms Team) Algorithm Study Develop problem-solving ability through algorithm study and participate in POSTECH-KAIST Science war artificial intelligence game
G-POS Computer Game Development Game development and learning activities for game development
DORANDORAN Book Reading Reading, humanities, knowledge-building activities and fellowship of people interested in discussion
IMGround Agriculture Promoting sincerity, cooperation and creativity through agricultural experience
RC423 Aerospace Aerospace related items development and start-up
EPL Physics Research Proceedings of academic activities related to physics and improving friendship
Exhibition GUERBOIS Painting, Art Creative activities through art
BITNOEUL Photography Acquisition of photographic skills through photographic creative activities and activation of photo art culture
CHAMGEUL Korean Calligraphy Practice Korean calligraphy as well as modern calligraphy once a week
Hobby EUMIRANG Listening to Music Promoting the cultivation of Postechians through music listening room and music seminar activities
MANIA Comics, Anime Creation, appreciation and criticism of cartoons
Board Game Master Board Game Allowing students to enjoy healthy play culture through board games
Religion EPHPHATHA Catholic Pursuing a mature believer’s image through practice of love and service and inspiration of faith in the Catholic community
IVF(Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship) Christianity Evangelization of POSTECH and the world for the kingdom of God
SFC(Student For Christ) Christianity Cooperation in the maturity and mission of personal faith in the community
NAVIGATOR Christianity POSTECH Christian Bible study, fellowship and propagation of Word
CCC(Campus Crusade for Christ) Christianity Faith movement such as prayer, word, love and discipleship of Christians by evangelism, upbringing, and sending
PWC Christianity Christian worship community in POSTECH
Volunteer DASOM Volunteer Dasom, a service club that combines humanity and intellect practices interest and love for the alienated people in society.

Department : Student Affairs
Last Modified : 2017-12-22