Overseas Discovery

Bang Dosie World Heritage Exploration Team

POSTECH, through a wide variety of cultural exploration, supports and encourages students to develop their capacity as global leaders in a way of cultivating a global mindset and engaging in team activities.

The Bang Dosie World Heritage Exploration Team has operated since 2000. The scholarship fund was created with the generous support of the late Ms. Bang Myung-sook (Japanese name: Nakamura Dosie), a Korean who resided and later became a citizen of Japan, providing the opportunity for undergraduate students to explore the world’s diverse cultures, arts, economy, science and technology and education so that they can cultivate a challenging spirit and global mindset.

Students themselves choose the regions and fields to explore and submit the exploration plan. POSTECH evaluates their documents and presentations to offer financial support to 2 or 3 teams that cover the expenses needed for the exploration.

Department : Student Affairs
Last Modified : 2016-09-12